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Loyola University New Orleans

Founded in 1912, New Orleans Loyola University is a recognized and private Jesuit organization open to students of all religions. In addition to its nationally accredited university programs, New Orleans Loyola University now offers online and on-demand degrees that give students the opportunity to fully develop their talents.

Jesuit education focuses on the academic rigor and education of the whole person (respect, body and spirit) to unlock the student’s full potential. Loyola Graduates are innovators, entrepreneurs and free thinkers, ready to start a successful career and leave their mark on the world. In fact, 87% of Loyola graduates are employed in advanced practice within six months of their professional field or undergraduate. By entering Loyola’s new 100% degree program, it adopts your busy lifestyle that becomes part of a 100-year tradition of academic excellence in the program.

The University of Florida

The University of Florida offers online degrees at all levels and its online graduate education programs are well-known. UF-Online Graduate Education Program offers master’s degrees in the curriculum and provides instruction with two specialty options. Students who focus on academic technology, take courses like mobile technology in education and design technical-rich curriculum. This leads to the final result in academic media and academic design in this concentration, which requires a full session to complete. For teachers educating students in elementary and secondary schools, the school may choose to focus on teacher leadership to improve the award winning distance education program.

Florida University uses the structure of asynchronous courses, which allow students to move forward at their own pace with the submission timeline. Students can get a degree in just two years. In order to qualify, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must complete the GRE test. This program also requires students to submit a detailed understanding of the professional curriculum and their professional goals.

Students of Florida University get full access to academic assistance. Consultants work together with students to develop individual learning paths together and provide support wherever needed. Student Affairs provides professional assistance through job plans, internship listings and job fairs. Apart from this, students can schedule an appointment with student-care professionals by Skype or phone. UF-Online also offers opportunities for volunteer work and community hiring opportunities for community service. UF-Online has been accredited by the College of Southern and College of Colleges.


Florida Institute of Technology

Founded in Melbourne, the Florida Institute of Technology has been recognized by Southern Colleges and Schools’ Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission and maintains recognition as one of the most current online colleges in Florida.

FIT has an online degree in business, psychology, information technology and cyber security. However, his Bachelor’s degree in aviation management has a special honor. This program develops critical thinking skills to assess the management and development of the airport. Students examine current problems to influence airspace, installation equipment, and airspace. The course work involves national security, which represents relevant concepts on laws and policies at multiple levels of government. Students also find intervention procedures and civil liberties. The Aviation Administration degree from FIT is one of the six programs whose organization maintains a partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Center of Excellence to improve the safety, accessibility and durability of general aviation.

This program contains 121 credits and needs to complete four years. At least 2.0 GPAs from FIT approved schools With the transfer of students. Contrary to many applications, FIT offers six start dates each year without application fees. Online courses follow the eight-week asynchronous structure. At the beginning of each course, students receive detailed programs. Students complete the work on their own facility under termination. Distance students do not sacrifice opportunities for collaboration or commitment. In fact, students use collaborative videos, interactive media, chat rooms, discussion platforms and email to communicate with classmates and teachers.

Saint Leo University

For 130 years, St. Leo University has taught students in Tampa, Florida. St. Leo University is constantly seeking new ways of accepting students’ various needs, making the university one of the first online universities in Florida. Although the initial unconventional population is aimed at military students, St. Leo now tries to accommodate all the immature students.

St. Leo offers Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, which gives students basic knowledge of organizational structure, business management principles and effective communication strategies. Students complete entrepreneurship courses that give students the opportunity to see their role in a professional environment and encourage them to take leadership responsibilities.

St. Leo offers features such as management, marketing, project management, logistics or technology management. Students who need guidance can decide the most appropriate concentration to discuss career goals and career opportunities with their academic coaches. This program requires 120 credits, which students can get in full four years with full time assistance. Online courses follow the simultaneous format, which allows students to work at their pace with a weekly timeout. Students also collaborate with their colleagues through online discussions and group schemes.


Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University is committed to providing full education that develops students intellectually, professionally and spiritually. OCEU offers Undergraduate programs for undergraduate resident students, graduate students and adults and online students.

Apart from this, students can participate in OnlinePlus, which offers online undergraduate classes with the option to participate in campus or creditworthiness experiences abroad. Trailbazar Academy high school students allow college classes to be completed. All programs are designed to equip students to become leaders of their careers, communities, families and world leaders.

OCU was established in 1948 as a Bible College in Churchill, with the intention of teaching the priests to the Church of Christ in the Christian Union. Despite being loyal to its founders’ perspective, Ohio Christian University has increased its reach by accrediting by the Higher Education Commission, affiliated with the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, and by adding Associate and Business and Government, Emergency and Business Management , Psychology, substance abuse, and Master Degree Programs in Human Resource Management Branches like Counseling

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